Mexican Candy

Ahhh Mexican candy!

Living in AZ all my life I had the privilege of enjoying Mexican candy anytime I wanted too  and so did my children as they each got old enough. We visited the Tanque Verde Swap Meet often where we would buy bags full.

Since moving to WA state we are not able to have it as often as we like so we have resorted to ordering it online and having it brought to our door! For a great price and great quality and delivered to our door we never have to go without and it won’t be “extinct” to my 2 youngest children who in just a few years from now will have no idea what a “swap meet” is hahaha!

We want to share with you our great deals we get on our Mexican candy so you too can enjoy the tangy, spicy, unique flavors that we have enjoyed all our lives!



So there you have several choices! If there is anything in-particular that you are looking for please comment below and I will do my best to find it for you and the best deal I can!

Happy Shopping!

Tamale Mama