Equipment List

Cooking Tamales Equipment List

You really don’t need a kitchen full of utensils to make the perfect tamales.
You may be able to pick up some or all of the items listed below at a garage sale or Craigslist!
You can buy directly right here on our website as well at a great price as I share the top things that I like and that help make cooking tamales easier and/or that our family uses!
Always be on the lookout while you are at thrift stores, yard/garage sales etc for this stuff as the more steamers & supplies you own the more tamales you can make at once and yes you may even be the hit of the tamale party hehe.

Safe to bet you have half of these items already!

You will need:

a large capacity steamer (or 2 or 5)

a big mixing bowl

measuring cups


measuring spoons

slotted spoon

spreader (rubber spatula works great for this!)

Now that you have your equipment list for cooking tamales, let’s move forward!

Tamale Mama